“Waking Up Is A Strange Reason To Die”

08.30.09 8 years ago 8 Comments


Take a moment to laugh your hearts out, children.

If you are one of those that struggles to get through the news, you must be sorely grateful for John Stewart, Stephen Colbert and the like. Add “Auto-Tune The News” to that Edutainment list. Masterful editing and unparalleled wit make these vids a sheer joy to watch.

Jokes aside, I’ve never taken Auto-Tune seriously. Vocoder, sure. Talk Box, why not. Even pitch correction à la Tay Pain. But not Auto-Tune. Once the plague spread past patient zero, T-Pain, it really became a pain. I maintain, to this day, that I would’ve preferred 808 & Heartbreaks if it was actually sung not…whatever the Hell Kanye was doing.

Now that Auto-Tune is presumably lying peacefully at the bottom of the grave Jay lowered it into (Thank you, Shawn), it may be safe to say that not very many people took it seriously to begin with. Outside of T-Pain, no one really tried to turn it into a craft or add any ingenuity or artistic interpretation into it. They just followed the shepherd. Once he was struck, the flock scattered. Now it’s just a nervous joke that everyone is trying to mockingly play off as a fad that came, reigned and left. Hopefully, we shall hear no more of it for another 10 or 20 years.

Sometimes it seems the same thing will happen to Hip-Hop should we lose the few remaining elders and leaders. If some of these young’ns with potential don’t get the shine they deserve, in a decade or two, we may as well be chanting “Death of Hip-Hop” when Auto-Tune comes back around.

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