Toronto Doesn’t F*ck With Wale Like That

02.20.13 5 years ago 72 Comments

The NBA and Hip-Hop have intertwined tremendously the past 72 hours, huh? Well, this clip was hilarious, awesome, embarrassing and dope all at the same damn time. Not even six months after he was confused with Will.I.Am and Wyclef on Election Night, Wale’s reputation did not speak for itself when these Toronto Raptors announcers either had no clue who he was or left every single last f*ck in T-Dot.

Judging from the accompanying video, Wale (pronounced “Wall-A” here) got into with Rudy Gay about who knows what. Whatever the case may be, the Raptors announcers launched into a plethora of wisecracks and jokes. More importantly, Toronto upended The Wiz Kids 96-88 led by Rudy and DeMar DeRozan’s 24 points a piece.

So not only did they throw Folarin under the bus for attacking Toronto’s newest import, not only did the Wizards lose the game, but they finished their roasting session with, “Someone on Twitter can tell me if they’ve even heard of Wale. He’s not Drake. That’s for sure.”

That ether. That shit that make your soul burn slow.

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