Webbie’s New Side Hustle: The “Savage Kreations” Air Freshener

08.16.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

God bless, Webbie. I mean that. Coming from someone who is a long-time fan of Young Savage’s music, anytime there’s a new “video” from buddy which doesn’t necessarily involve rapping, good – no, classic – hijinks are sure to follow. First things first, this does not top the now Internet-iconic “Webbie In Walmart” interview. It does, however, come with its own brand, innocence and ignorance of comedy.

In the studio chopping it up with his folks, Webbie finds the inspiration to thank Dr. Dre and Snoop for inspiring him rap-wise, but also thanks Dre for tackling the headphone games. Inspired by the entrepreneurial act so much, Trill Entertainment’s funniest member springs into full fledged promotion mode discussing his new air freshener, appropriately entitled “Savage Kreations.” And since the good vibes are flowing, let’s do what we always do when this guy is involved and launch into five great quotes from Webbie Da Gawd aka Webbie The Scholar aka I hate myself for losing the interview I had with Webbie in 2010.

1. “They don’t need to know what kinda mic I use with that gangsta sh*t. F*ck no, n*gga!! Keep ’em wondering. They can’t be knowing what type of mic I be using to put that gangsta sh*t on.”

That must be one cold ass mic, dog. **pops sunflower seeds**

2. Friend: “Coming soon, Webbie Mic. If Dr. Dre, you out there killin’ them kids for $300 for them headphones…”
Webbie: “Ahh hell nah! Nope! That’s what you get when you got a white n*gga, man. Man, shout out to Dr. Dre, Snoop, n*gga. I came up off y’all n*ggas. Rich ass n*ggas. Hey look, when you go get some of my spray, go to the other aisle and get some of them f*ckin’ Dr. Dre headphones.”

Let this be a lesson. Webbie doesn’t diss legends. He may actually need a beat in the future. And how great would it be if Webbie’s air freshener was on the aisle right next to Beats By Dre?

3. “On the real, I talked to that n*gga Boo. That n*gga Boo say ‘I’m ready to come home, mayne.’God real, n*gga. Straight up.”


Boosie’s coming home, y’all! This is cause for a celebration!

4. “Look here, Brad. You got something against mothaf*ckin’ Michael Jackson or mothaf*ckin’ Tupac or whoever, that’s on yo’ crazy white ass!

Young Savage isn’t even about that Jacko and Tupac super fan life.

5. “Look at my dog. Don’t ask that b*tch no questions. That b*tch talk German. That b*tch don’t even speak English.”

Webbie has officially become rap’s Dr. Dootlittle.


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