Week 12 BCS Standings: Bama Stays On Top, Baylor’s The Odd Man Out

11.10.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

Words by Alec Bojalad

No. 1 and No. 2 were never in doubt. Alabama and Florida State are the best two teams in the country by almost any metric. And the college football season is far enough along now that we can start to salivate over the potential matchup.

But the rest of the BCS was quite a different story. When Oregon fell to Stanford last Thursday, it threw the No. 3 through 5 spots into a BCS blackhole. Among Ohio State, Stanford and Baylor someone was going to get screwed and it looks like it was the Bears’ turn to get victimized by the BCS.

Baylor did nothing wrong this week, demolishing a top 10 opponent and conference rival, and proving their defense is for real in the process. Sadly for Bears fans, however, Stanford also convincingly beat a conference rival, only theirs was ranked third. And OSU? Well, they just continue to win and win and win and win. Say what you will about the Buckeyes’ strength of schedule but they have yet to lose a game in the Urban Meyer era. Any of those three teams fanbase’s would have had the right to complain if their team fell to five. Unfortunately it’s only Bears fans who get the honor.

Elsewhere in the Top 25, LSU fell pretty far to No. 21 after a loss to Alabama. That may seem kind of steep but at three losses, the computers and voters’ hands were simply tied.

Texas makes it long-awaited return to the rankings at No. 24, as well. The Longhorns 47-40 win over the 4-6 Mountaineers isn’t going to keep many Texas fans from campaigning for Nick Saban but their 7-2 record is impressive considering the beginning of the season.

It took three weeks of BCS rankings but the two viable mid-majors, Fresno State and Northern Illinois have finally made it past that all-important 16th spot at Nos. 14 and 15, respectively. If American Conference “powerhouses” No. 17 UCF and No. 20 Louisville can’t climb any higher in the rankings, we may have another midmajor crash the BCS party.

Week 12 BCS Standings

1. Alabama
2. Florida State
3. Ohio State
4. Stanford
5. Baylor
6. Oregon
7. Auburn
8. Clemson
9. Missouri
10. South Carolina
11. Texas A&M
12. Oklahoma State
13. UCLA
14. Fresno State
15. Northern Illinois
16. Michigan State
17. Central Florida
18. Oklahoma
19. Arizona State
20. Louisville
21. LSU
22. Wisconsin
23. Miami (Fla.)
24. Texas
25. Georgia

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