Welcome Dime Magazine To The Family

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
02.13.15 23 Comments

Dime Magazine Lead

Peanut butter and jelly. Kool-Aid and loads of sugar. Asheford and Simpson. In life, certain things just fit together perfectly and TSS and Dime can be added to that list.

Our relationship with Dime Magazine goes back many years. In fact, our first ever national and print shoutout came from Dime’s staff years ago when they bigged up us for our music coverage. Funny how things work out because here we are today with both sites linked up on the same network. Perfect timing, too, since they’re coming on board right as basketball’s biggest event, the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, kicks off today.

What does that mean for me?

Glad you asked. What it means is we can offer you the best in Hip-Hop culture and the best in basketball with this one-stop shop. They’ll be carrying the bulk of the load this weekend and we’ll be sharing it through here and our social channels. And, down the line, you’ll be seeing familiar author names from TSS showing up over there and both parties coming together to do hybrid articles that combine hoops and Hip-Hop. I guess you can add those two to that list of things that go together naturally, too.

So, shoutout to Dime. Well aboard, family.

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