“We’ll Have Our Quarrels…”

12.03.08 9 years ago 28 Comments


They say money ain’t everything
You fuckin’ right nigga, it’s the only thing
In God we trust, the Holy thing
I look into my enemy’s eye
Let ’em know you play fly you go out Kennedy style.”

Every time I see that pic of Pauwee, I envision her mouthing the sample to Shyne’s “Commission.” Before the chaos ensues regarding what the hell sample is saying, Ivan cleared it up for me yesterday.

Luther Ingram – “You Were Made For Me”

…and I’m still kind of reeling as a result. All these years without researching or questioning it, I’ve been thinking it was Gladys or at least a female’s voice. Lo & behold, a change of pitch & one of the most triumphant songs of early 2K has been…forever changed in my mind.

That is all.

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