Wes Welker Plays Footsies With Rex Ryan

01.14.11 7 years ago 10 Comments

So here’s how the story goes, in a nutshell:

— Jets easily dispose of Patriots 28-14 in Week 2.

— Patriots channel inner Joe Jackson and beat Jets like an offbeat child 45-3 in Week 13.

— As fate would have it, the two are scheduled to square off in the rubber match this weekend for a trip to the AFC Championship.

Personally, I love trash talk, so all the charades Rex Ryan and the gang have been pulling this week are fine with me. Even Cromartie calling out Brady is fine; it’s stupid, but entertaining nonetheless. Now aside from Tom Brady’s shot earlier this week, the Patriots have been mostly silent. That was until yesterday when Wes Welker decided enter the verbal war and put his foot in his mouth. Figuratively speaking, of course.

The speedy slot receiver stepped to the podium for a press conference in which he cleverly slid in 11 foot references. Those not living under a rock will quickly realize it is Welker attempting to get beneath Rex Ryan’s skin for his now very public fetish, without even saying his name. Now if that isn’t some Jay-Z concocted response, I don’t know what it is. Below is the edited clip of all said quotes. To view the entire press conference, head over to the Pats official site.

Respect: SBNation

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