QoTD: When’s The Last Time You Bought Multiple New Albums In A Day?

11.12.13 4 years ago 92 Comments

October Albums

October turned out as a pretty good month for rap. Danny Brown, Pusher Terrence and Black Milk all saw my dollars and, in return, I got a good amount of jams to hold me down for minute. I’d actually put last month above June for physical releases but that’s another debate for some other time.

Then these October purchases made me realize how long it’s been since I copped a couple fresh albums at once. You can blame it on being a rap curmudgeon as well as getting my fix on these free ass projects online over the years. Either way I haven’t been moved to accrue Tuesday’s best in the same time frame.

So, TSS brethren and sisters, when’s the last time you bought more than one new album in a day? Im not about to hit you with the usual “support the culture” yadda yadda. Just let the innanet know what projects compelled to you spend a little more dough than anticipated at once.

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