Wiz Khalifa Pays Proper Tribute To Phife Dawg With An ‘Electric Relaxation’ Remix

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Taylor Gang

In light of his recent passing, there’s been an outpouring of respect shown to A Tribe Called Quest member Phife Dawg as fans and artists across generations have paid tribute. Wiz Khalifa’s the latest MC to share his thoughts, putting them down in rhymes by remixing Tribe’s classic tune, “Electric Relaxation” from Midnight Marauders. On the track, the Taylor Gang captain subs in his own verses alongside Mutty Ranks’ 1993 originals, giving the track an updated feel that may seem a little different. Of course, he sticks to the original script – spitting game to a chick – while weaving in the casual weed references.

“Hunny say she love herself so mesmerized
Could tell that she smoke I can see it in her eyes
Rollin up weed that’s my everyday
My ’69 drop it no ashtray”

Earlier in the week, his fellow PA native Mac Miller released his own audio homage to Phife dubbed “5 Foot Assassin: Larry Fisherman Tribute.” When the news of ATCQ MC’s death first hit, Mac was one of the first artists to react and quickly followed with “Assassin,” a track created with a melodic beat merged with assorted Phife/Tribe audio clips.

In many ways, the songs are a cool way for both MCs to show their core roots and open younger fans’ eyes to the music they grew up listening. Listen to both tracks below.

(Via Taylor Gang)

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