Wiz Khalifa’s Setting Us For The Fall With ‘Blacc Hollywood’

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
08.04.14 12 Comments

Wiz Khalifa’s readying the for the release of his third major label LP, Blacc Hollywood. With the album’s August 19 arrival around the corner, the TGOD leader’s released a trailer in which his shares a slice of insight into the inspiration behind the album. And, well…maybe it came out wrong the way he phrased it. Quoting Wiz:

“A lot of the music that I’m inspired by is kids who are doing it on their own and low quality videos. You take me, who’s like a huge superstar to a lot of people, and I dumb it down and I minimize everything. I lower my quality, but the thought process and the art is still there.”

And all this time we thought Atlantic was the culprit.

Wiz once admitted that Rolling Papers “creatively wasn’t my best work” even though it sold well, which usually keeps a label happy. Then, there was O.N.I.F.C. being delayed as the suits called for more singles.

But this time, he doesn’t sound like he’s blaming the label at all. Instead, he’s making an effort to lower his quality? With that in mind, it looks like the Atlantic effect is still applicable to his music and most fans will have to settle for the 28 Grams mixtape being the Wiz they want to hear while the check-writers clap for Blacc Hollywood.

At least he’s being honest and upfront about it all, right? His words are almost codespeak for “Hey, TGOD fam, don’t buy this album.” Still, the bait and switch surely can’t spell longevity, can they?

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