The World According To Julie J: Keep Pushing Those Excellent Projects From 2013

05.31.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

Before there was a certain rapper out of Baton Rouge, there was Trouble. A long, boring plane ride allowed me to arrive at the conclusion that I enjoy both of their music for the same reasons. They have great ways of orating stories of the streets, and in general seem like they’re living what they rap about. In other words, they fool me and the way they deliver their rhymes comes across as authentic, and for that I like them.

Jumping from one rapper to another, I’ll jump from one Trouble song to another. His new joint, “Tell U Dat,” reminds me of “U Don’t Deserve Dat,” a song that one of my most influential writer friends hipped me to. I loved everything about it, from how he rapped about different perspectives but tied the stories together under one united front against all busters, and was charmingly indignant about it. I listened to it on repeat, like I’m listening to that Justin Bieber and Migos song on repeat now, for weeks. And then the remix came out and I giggled at Gucci’s verse.

But, I digress, thinking about the fond memories of discovering favorite artists. “Tell U Dat” follows along in the basic premise that it isn’t about the typical themes found in rap today. It’s not as powerful as it’s unofficial predecessor, but it still sticks with you. Sometimes, we just need a reminder, even if it’s beyond obvious, and for that, here’s DTE’s own Trouble Trouble.

Lil Durk & OTF Nunu – “OC” Video

It wasn’t enough for Lil Durk to have one of my favorite tapes of 2013, but it turns out he’s a funny guy. I assumed that his beef with Game and Tyga had dissipated honestly because no one truly cared, lowest common denominator of rap be damned, but then I saw this:

Hey, he’s got Signed To The Streets 2 dropping on June 18th, okay? I haven’t seen a tracklisting floating around, but I did see this video for “OC” while I was doing my usual e-lurking in between slanging insurance policies.

A Zae Productions film Durk and OTF NuNu – Yo Beware I hope you’re working on your next installment of rappers with wack names – rapping alongside some bleak buildings, presumably in Chiraq. Zae has got to have more videos floating out there than Young Thug does songs, verses, and choruses combined. A slight hyperbole, but his name is one of the more recognizable outfits right now, especially when it comes to Chicago.

buzz-wars-3-mixtape jose guapo humbug

Jose Guapo Ft. XVL Hendrix – “Humbug”

It’s difficult to keep up with all the random songs that belong to random mixtapes that drop at random times or whatever, but that’s what I’m here for. Jose Guapo runs with Migos and that whole “New Atlanta” crew, though that technically doesn’t narrow it down much now that I sit here and ponder it…

Anyhow, Jose’s World 2 still comes highly recommended from yours truly, being another favorite from last year, and “Humbug” is a loosie from this week that’ll appear on the Buzz Wars 3 tape that Guapo is hosting. It features an especially steezy Guapo – is he just turning his nose up at this beat as he raps? – and XVL Hendrix. My Nancy Drew 2014 e-sleuthing didn’t uncover who produced the especially sinister sounding beat, unfortunately.

stak5 5 stephen jackson 2win young scooter tm 88 extras

Stak5 Ft. 2Win & Young Scooter – “Extras”

Some of us Seattleites don’t pay much mind to NBA because it’s too painful not having a team and all. Well, I’ll use that as my excuse, although I’m prety sure that every other normal person watches it on the TV. Would I recognize Stephen Jackson? Would I recognize Stak5? Would I know that they’re one and the same? No, no, and no.

I guess that basketball thing isn’t working out at the moment, because Stak5 is currently readying his album My Life Not Yours. 2Win and Young Scooter, who maintains his lovably indifferent demeanor, also lend him some bars and TM88 dishes up one of his usual nasty beats – that’s a good thing, by the way – with an exotic sounding sample.

Da Mafia 6ix – “Been Had Hard” Video

Da Mafia 6ix is this week’s last entry that’s taking me back to 2013. It’s a shame that the 6ix Commandments tape dropped during that weird grey area at the end of December when people were running their ‘Best of 2013’ type lists and Beyonce’s Beyonce dominated everything.

“Been Had Hard” is another one of their seemingly low-budget videos that actually captures the essence of Da Mafia 6ix.

Shy Glizzy – “Catch A Body” Video

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I’ve found that’s actually an excellent way for me to weed out historical fiction novels. So I’m not judging Shy Glizzy, even though he’s not coming off as the most convincing when he’s talking about how he might’ve at one point had to “Catch A Body.”

It’s probably those flagrant Versace chains on his shirt that’s making me think that, though. As usual, nothing warms my heart quite like seeing Zaytoven dancing around in the background behind a rapper that he laced with a beat. Fortunately, it’s just Young Jefe doing the rapping this time around.

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