Video: Young Kid’s Reaction To Vanessa Hudgens Nudes

08.15.09 9 years ago 11 Comments

I say with a certain degree of positivity that if most bloggers came up during this time, they wouldn’t be speaking to you in the written form. They’d be like this little fella here, skip the keyboard & just talk into a webcam. Right now, most of us would come off as Stephon Marbury-lite with as much bitchin & moaning as we do. For this young perv, I’m sure the clip will stay up until his mom finds it & beats his ass with a slipper.

If you haven’t heard the news, one of Disney’s tween queens Vanessa Hudgens magically leaked some nudes of herself…again (and Dane Cook roasted her for @ the Teen Choice Awards) . That’s what has our guy here in a tizzy. I’m sure if I was twelve, I’d have the same reaction.

If you’re into that kind of thing, Twilight actress and another tweenster Ashley Greene had some nudes leak as well. I’m pretty sure they’re both over eighteen so it’s okay to look. You’ll still seem a little pervish, but it’s legally okay. I dare not post the pics because both camps have threatened to sue the whole internet. Plus, they both have the bodies of concentration camp victims.

The lesson learned here is that my daughter will never have a cell phone or a horny Asian boyfriend.

The Most Adorable Little Pervert Ever [BoH]

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