Listen To Young Thug, Kevin Gates, Birdman, And MPA Duke Rap On ‘Destroyed’

05.20.15 3 years ago
Young Thug Instagram


At one point, Kevin Gates and Young Thug were possibly beefing via social media (it’s hard to believe that two individuals who take pride in their upbringing by the streets would engage in lame shenanigans like that). However, it appears that they either squashed it, or it never existed to begin with. Or, they “Destroyed” it.

Billed as a Young Thug song on KG’s Instagram, the song features Gates, Birdman, and MPA Duke. The Thugger hook and contributions are uncharacteristically mellow and devoid of his extreme vocal inflections, and Gates typically steals the show. For what it’s worth, MPA Duke keeps up with the big boys and Birdman sounds like he’s truly benefiting from being around these guys (or just had one of them write the verse). Either way, you might find yourself involuntarily hitting that Birdman handrub to this one.

Update: The song was actually part of the Rich Gang-gate of over 100 leaked songs.

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