Your Week 14 NFL Recap

12.14.09 8 years ago 9 Comments

It’s that time of year again. That’s right, the fantasy football playoffs. Where hours and hours of draft research, obsessive-compulsive checking of Stat Tracker and smack talk come down to which team gets lucky enough to have Washington’s third-string running back go off for 2 touchdowns. Why do so many people, myself included, waste their lives away on this shit? I’ll leave that one to the philosophers and so will owners of Andre Johnson (11 recs for 193 yds), Brandon Marshall (21 receptions) and, yes, Quinton Ganther (scoring his first and second career rushing TDs), who are now one step closer to the glory of a fake championship.

On the actual playing field, records fell in Indy as the Broncos’ Marshall snatched the NFL single season receptions record from his talented tantrum-throwing predecessor, Terrell Owens. The Colts also broke the New England Patriots’ record for regular season victories (22.) As a Pats fan I can tell you Indy punks, the regular season doesn’t mean shit. I’m sure you’ll blow it against San Diego again in the playoffs this year.

Week 14 also featured some big time inter-conference matchups. The Vikings exposed the Bengals as second-class NFL citizens behind Adrian Peterson. Even though he’s one of the league’s bigger stars, “All Day” has found it tough to get any PR since Brett Favre and black hole like ability to away all attention joined the Purple People. But dude’s on pace for 1500 yards and 18 TDs along with improving as a blocker and receiver. If the Vikings are going to finish this dream season, he’ll have to carry them there.

Meanwhile the Chargers helped Dallas continue their seasonal slide down the standings of the NFC East. I do feel bad for Tony Romo and the Cowboys fans, they try hard (Roy Williams excepted). But it’s hard to win in the NFL when your coach routinely shoots your team in the foot. Wade Phillips’ latest blunder was letting time expire on an end of the game drive. The Cowboys were down 10 points with no timeouts and needed two scores to win. Phillips could have kicked a field goal with 30 seconds left and had time to try for a miracle drive. Instead he dumbfoundedly watched the clock expire while the Cowboys scored a worthless TD with 2 seconds left.

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— The Steelers, I mean what the hell happened? Eight sacks on Big Ben? Oakland and Cleveland back-to-back? Aren’t you supposed to be the City of Champions? Polomalu or no Polomalu, that’s just pathetic.

Chris Johnson is just ridiculous. If not the real MVP of the league then the unanimous fantasy MVP. He put up three more TDs and 117 rushing yards in the Titans’ rout of the Rams. But his best play of the day was this screen pass where he made everyone else look like they were in slow motion.

Green Bay swept the Bears and looks to be the leading favorite for hot team nobody wants to play in the playoffs. And as much as I hate Favre and his relationship with the media, even I admit that a third Packers-Vikings playoff game would be phenomenally entertaining. We can only hope.

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— Even though he may one day die on the field, Derrick Mason is a bad bad man and a warrior. And of course, the Lions are just bad.

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