#1 Heat Fan Grandma Lives Up To Her Name And Saw What You Did


Meet #1 Heat Fan Grandma, a woman with an hilariously specific title and a talent for creating honest, judgmental soundbites about the Miami Heat. This video covers her thoughts on game 4 between the Heat and the Indiana Pacers, featuring such gems as:

– “You’re getting too big for your britches now, right?”
– “There’s the other crybaby! Aww the poor baby, aww!”
– “You see how that jerk was pushing LeBron, he was pushing him!”
– “what happened he fell on the floor”
– “Don’t be fighting because you did it I sawr it!”

You could probably apply her thoughts to every Heat game ever, so whenever they’re done playing, come back here and hit play. And don’t forget your randomly occurring Boom Sticks.

h/t Reddit