Here Are Peyton Manning’s Funniest Off-Field Moments

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03.24.15 2 Comments


Today marks the 39th birthday of Peyton Manning, America’s favorite quarterback and goofy athlete pitchman. During his career — which the Broncos announced earlier this month will include at least one more season — Manning has thrown for 69,691 yards and 530 touchdowns while showing off his comedic chops in ads for DirectTV, Mastercard, and Oreo, as well as numerous talk show and awards show appearances, a cameo on The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live. Here now is a look at some of Manning’s funniest pop culture moments.

Peyton Manning: Role Model 

In this Saturday Night Live spoof of the NFL’s United Way commercials, Manning pelts small children with a football, forces them to get leg tats, tries to steal a car, and teaches them a vital lesson about never snitching.

Cut That Meat! 

In this early Mastercard commercial, Manning roots on the little people that inspire him. Namely a guy who works at a deli counter and an accountant whose high-five Manning will always appreciate.

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