10 Reasons Why James Harden Is Going To Get Paid After Next Season

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06.08.12 7 Comments

In my haste to get caught up on the things that I loved and hated most about the NBA Playoffs so far – Rajon Rondo and Joey Crawford, respectively – I almost forgot my absolute biggest new sports man crush, James Harden. If the Oklahoma City Thunder don’t win it all this season, they better damn well get it done next season, because after that they’re probably going to have to do it without Harden, who will be due for one hell of a payday.
I don’t, by any means, think that Harden is a superstar. I also don’t think he deserves a max deal. However, if my team – and this is hypothetically pretending that my team won’t be in salary cap hell for the next three years – decided to throw the checkbook at Harden, I would squeal with delight. There’s just something about him that makes me love basketball even more than I already do. Maybe it’s the beard or maybe it’s just his fearlessness, but Harden is flat out F-U-N to watch.
After the jump, I’ve created a little mish mash of my favorite Harden moments from this year’s playoffs and other games to show my respect, in case he wants to be my best friend.

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