Everyone’s Favorite 107-Year-Old Fan Dancing Before A Nats Game Will Make Your Day

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Meet Virginia!

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What will you be doing when you are 107? The odds are you will be dead, and probably will have been for several years. Even if you are alive, the chances are you won’t be dancing at a Washington Nationals game. That’s because you are not Virginia McLaurin, who did, in fact, dance at a Nationals game at the age of 107.

You may recall McLaurin from when she danced with President Obama when she was but 106, or when she celebrated her 107th birthday with the Harlem Globetrotters. On Thursday, she went to her first baseball game, and was the star of the show. It was Black Heritage Day at the ballpark, and McLaurin was a part of that. She was given a jersey with her name and number and then, under the watchful eye of Dusty Baker, pulled out a dance move or two.

Regardless of what happened in the baseball game that followed – and Bryce Harper did hit a pretty massive home run – McLaurin and her dancing was destined to be the highlight of the evening for many of the people in the stands. After all, how often do you get to see a 107-year-old woman dance? Harper hits a million home runs, but this was truly a rare event. No word on whether Baker tried to put her in the lineup that night.