08.13.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

Women’s international soccer just got sexier after this melee between Australia and China, where “G’Day Mate!” and…I have no idea how to say hello in Chinese. Well, my intro has just been shot to hell.

At the Women’s AFC Under-19 Championship, a 22-woman brawl erupted at full time when the Young Matildas had lost somewhat controversially 2-1 to their Chinese counterparts. The trouble was sparked following the final whistle, as an Australian player was pushed to the ground after a verbal exchange with an opposition player. Having seen their teammate take a tumble, Aussie captain Tameka Butt charged across the pitch to grab the perceived offender, and then all hell broke loose. via, via.

Haha, “Butt.” Anyway, the media is grilling the Matildas (I guess that’s what they call the ladies’ teams down under) for being poor guests to the Chinese. Whatever. That country deserved a good bitch-slapping, and it certainly wasn’t going to come from us. We’re on the precipice of another Cold War, kids. A very sexy, Australian Cold War.

I still can’t believe that’s girl’s last name was “Butt.” What are the odds? Thanks, Mike.

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