11-Year-Old Breaks His Arm The Right Way

08.13.10 8 years ago 10 Comments

When commenter cum laude Upstate Underdog sent in this blog post with the headline, “Angels Promotion ‘Steal 3rd’ Begins with 11-Year-Old Breaking his Arm,” I laughed my ass off, mainly because I’m a detriment to humanity. But this kid whose name is inexplicably Beecher Halliday, put me in my place. After breaking his arm on the first few steps to third base from left field, he gets up and keeps running.

Let’s recap: a sixth-grader BREAKS HIS ARM IN FRONT OF 30,000 PEOPLE, only to get up and keep running. Beecher, it’s people like you that add to humanity all of those things that I take away. Video evidence of Beecher’s testicular fortitude awaits you after the jump. I salute you, young sir who stole his name from a porno western movie. Good luck in puberty, not that you’ll need it. via.

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