A 12-Year-Old Is Making Her Japanese MMA Debut Against An Opponent Twice Her Age

MMA is weird in Japan, just about everyone knows this. But, even with countless freakshow fights pitting comically small men against giants in openweight bouts or mixing boxers into MMA fights and so on, never has the Japanese MMA scene gone so full-blown irresponsible as this. DEEP JEWELS, the pro MMA organization that has fostered such talent as Stun Gun Kim, The Korean Zombie, Mega Megu and others is promoting a fight between a 12-year-old girl and a 24-year-old fighter with five fights to her name.

This bizarre amateur matchup features WMMA fighter Momoko Yamasaki, who has a 2-3 amateur record and is being billed as a “former street fighter” according to WMMA Rankings. Her pre-teen opponent, known only as “MoMo,” will take time from her 7th-grader lifestyle to possibly be pounded into submission for a reason no one has been able to articulate.

What happened to these simple days?

Then again, we did, after all, just have the massive Gabi Garcia fight an old pro wrestling lady recently:

The woman and girl will be fighting in the minimumweight division, which sounds less like an actual weight division rather than just the minimum weight someone can compete at. Ironically, MoMo is currently around 86-pounds, which means she doesn’t even meet the minimum weight for the minimumweight division. She is also 12 years old and shouldn’t be fighting a grown woman.

DEEP JEWELS 16, the event hosting this sordid matchup, goes down May 20th.

(Via WMMA Rankings)