This 13-Year-Old Romanian Basketball Player Is Already Taller Than Everybody In The NBA

Meet Robert Bobroczky, the 13-year-old Romanian basketball sensation who stands at 7’4″ and wait, is this real life?

Because that doesn’t look right — at all. It looks like they put a human head on a giraffe and told it to dribble a basketball. Somebody call PETA because that’s not cool.

Animal ethics aside, Robert Robroczky practices with Stella Azzurra Rome, the same team Andrea Bargnani used to play for. Not sure how child labor laws work in Europe, but I digress. Robroczky gets his height from his father Zigmond, who stands at 7′ 1″ and who also played basketball professionally.

According to AU news, Robert grows approximately 10 cm per year. My math is fuzzy but I believe that means Robert will be 11 feet tall by the time he’s 18. Big if true.