16-Year Old Shae Stelly Has Muscular Dystrophy & Scored As Many TDs This Week As Arian Foster

We’ve featured a lot of sick kids having triumphant sports moments — the kid who beat the Portland Timbers, the kid who tapped out WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and the kid who took on Dirk “Dr. Satan” Nowitzki in a game of one-on-one among them — but this one is something else.

The guy scoring the touchdown in the photo is Shae Stelly, a wheelchair-bound 16-year old battling muscular dystrophy. He got put into the game on Thursday night for Cecilia High School and ran in a TD.

“I went to the scrimmage that night and (Martin) told me to ‘come on.’ So then I went,” Stelly told KATC.com. “Going on the field I was like oh my god, now it’s real. It was like it was in my dreams, you know? It really felt amazing.”

“To say it’s probably been one of the best things I’ve ever done as a head coach is a huge understatement,” Martin said. “Without even saying a word, he inspires me more than anybody. I may put him on a non-faculty role. Just keep him around. He’s really someone great to have around.”

If that’s not enough to get your allergies going, here’s an interview with Shae himself.

Thanks for being cool sometimes, sports.

[h/t to Bob]