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Jeremy Tyler (another video here) must have been too busy ballin’ to catch any of those Stay In School ads, because he’s skipping his senior year of high school to play ball in Europe. Y! Sports reports that Tyler and his father are assembling a management team and fielding offers from teams in Spain, Italy, and Israel.

Good for him. If he can see another part of the world at his age and concentrate on the one thing that will actually pay his bills for the rest of his life, why shouldn’t he? Everyone’s all, “No, he should stay in school and get his education.” Because basketball players are infinitely more educated after spending one semester in college. Hey, if you clowns want to see college athletes getting paid, we’ll need about 10 or 15 more of these guys to jump across the pond. It won’t happen just from your groused, plebian idealism, no matter how many times you call into Tirico and Van Pelt.

|as first seen on The Hoop Doctors|

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