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Sheed appealing a call? The mistake must have been truly egregious.

Surprise, the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers defeated the Detroit Pistons 90-86 in Game 1 of their first-round playoff series tonight. In a related story, I incorrectly wagered $76 on this contest. Anyway, Rasheed Wallace took the blame:

Wallace missed a shot near the basket that would have tied it at 88. “I’m going to put this one me,” Wallace said. “There’s no excuses. The last bunny, that was a bucket I should’ve made. I’m going to take this one on the chin.”

You can read more about how one of Philly's own fans didn't think Reggie Evans was any match for Wallace at Need4Sheed.com. If the #7 seed can upset the #2, imagine the havoc the 11th place finisher of the Eastern Conference could cause in the playoffs. But since they fired Jim "Rockford" Boylan, I guess we'll never know. Also, they only let the top 8 finishers into the post-season. Stop by tomorrow morning for the Chief's authoritative analysis of this and other playoff matches. Perhaps he'll even offer an opinion on the NHL . . . nah. -KD  

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