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Giants linebacker and coke-snorting legend Lawrence Taylor did an interview with an independent show with the YES Network that was picked up by the New York Post, and Taylor’s conversation with Michael Kay has more than its share of gems. Emphasis added:

“The night before I retired, I realized that I wanted to do recreational drugs again. The recreational drugs turned into a full-time job.” His moment of clarity? “When the feds put the handcuffs on me,” L.T. said. “It comes in real clear — these are not recreational handcuffs.

On being drug-tested back in his NFL days:

Taylor submitted a teammate’s sample when he failed his first drug test in 1987, he told the Yes network’s “Centerstage.” “Actually, it wasn’t my urine. I failed the drug test and he didn’t. I couldn’t believe it.” via, via.

Ah, testing in the pre-Whizzenator days. Those were such innocent times. That was back before they had all the damn PSAs on TV. These days, you can’t even enjoy a refreshing beer in the car on the way home. At least I can still text…

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