20 Appropriate GIF Responses To Darren Rovell’s ‘Give Peace A Chance’ Tweet

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07.12.13 2 Comments

Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers officially bid farewell to Metta World Peace after four seasons of mostly-sane behavior and his patented “piss ‘em off” defense that helped support Kobe Bryant leading them to the 2009-10 NBA Championship. The Lakers used their amnesty clause on World Peace to free up approximately $15 million, as the team has impressively lowered its luxury tax total from $30 million last year to just $2 million now.

But none of that matters, because World Peace is a zany guy who inspires hilarious jokes, much like the zinger that ESPN’s Darren Rovell Tweeted last night. And by zinger, I mean it might be the worst joke ever Tweeted.

Rovell Peace a Chance

Here now, are 20 appropriate GIF reactions to that horrible, horrible joke.

Naked Gun


Angry Janice

Angry Little Girl


Bert Surprised

Buck Showalter


Cheetah poop

Clooney Eye Roll

Computer Smack

Cookie Monster


Electric Chair

Fart Sniff




Maya Finger Wag

He Blows Goats

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