2012 Summer Olympics American Athlete To Watch: Well Hello, Corey Cogdell

As the 2012 Summer Olympics near, we fully intend to bring you previews of as many of the American athletes as we can, so that you can be prepared to watch every event with great patriotic fervor. I will admit, though, that by “fully intend” and “bring you previews” I mean that I’m probably going to post a few hundred pictures of Alex Morgan. Not like anyone would mind, I’m sure. But before we get to that moment, I’d like to introduce my new favorite U.S. Olympic athlete – trap shooter Corey Cogdell.

Corey previously won a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics, but we were clearly preoccupied by something else and did not notice her obvious badassery until now. And because I don’t want my kneecaps shot to pieces, I’d like to offer Corey a heartfelt apology and make her the first entry on the 2012 With Leather Summer Olympics American Athlete To Watch List…

Swooooooon! And here’s a picture of her after she took down one of my ex-girlfriends.

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