A 25-Year-Old Won The 2017 World Series Of Poker On A Bonkers Final Hand

Poker is a game of odds, but sometimes odds are meant to be beaten. For Scott Blumstein, beating the oddds meant winning more than $8 million in Las Vegas on Saturday. Blumstein won the 2017 World Series of Poker on an improbable final hand after his heads-up competitor, Dan Ott, was trying to double up again and get back in control of the game.

After surviving an all-in bet on king-nine against a pair of sixes, Ott tried again by going all-in with the ace of diamonds and the eight of the same suit. Blumstein called with the ace of hearts and the two of diamonds, putting him behind before the flop.

ESPN has video of the final hand after Ott goes all-in. What follows is a tense reveal of the community cards. The flop was a jack of spades, a six of spades and the five of hearts. The turn was a seven of hearts, which gave Ott a 93 percent chance of winning. Only three cards could give Blumstein the win: the other three deuces in the deck.

With just a seven percent chance of winning, Blumstein got the two of hearts.

It sparked a wild celebration for Blumstein and his friends, who gave Joe Boxer a bit of free publicity when they basically took his shirt off in the process of hugging him. Good for him; he just made more than $8 million on that hand.

And check out how big those bracelets have gotten since the Chris Moneymaker days.

Maybe we should all get back to playing poker again.

(via BroBible)

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