232 Kids With Cancer Chanting ‘I Believe We Will Win’ Are Here To Fire Everyone Up

As the US Men’s National Team prepares to take on Belgium in today’s World Cup knockout round action at 4 PM ET on ESPN, let’s all hope that someone in Salvador or Arena Fonte Nova is keeping an eye on YouTube for inspirational videos. Although, Clint Dempsey and Co. probably won’t need much more inspiration than 232 kids from Camp Sunshine, a camp for kids who are battling cancer, chanting the World Cup battle cry of “I Believe” every day at their meal time. And at the risk of editorializing, this is easily the best USA chant that we’ll see today. Unless, of course, a billionaire with a heart of gold flies all of these kids to Brazil to watch the game, at which point I would melt into a puddle of tears. Yes, that is a challenge, Bill Gates.

(Via SB Nation)