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Brett Favre was declared inactive for the Vikings’ game against the NY Giants last night. The Minnesota quarterback’s consecutive-games-played streak screeches to a halt at 297 regular season games. The last time Favre sat out a game, Ronald Reagan could still remember his own name.

    Links:Burnsy has taken his hit Twitter feed to some new digs on the eBays. Wipe your feet at the door and check it out.
    Best Worst Advice.

    A nun got caught stealing. Somehwere in an alternate universe, a Jew, a rabbi and John Elway walk into a bar.

    Here’s a Top Ten: “The Worst Characters on the Best TV Shows.” Okay, so there’s the cast of “Friends”…now who are the other four?
    Warming Glow.

    Another topper: “15 Classic Rap Remakes We’d Like To Hear.” Fresh…respected.
    THE Smoking Section.

    Conan O’Brien made fun of some comic book superheroes. Whatever dude, you’re back on TV now. Nobody cares.
    Gamma Squad.

    This is called “Gaming WikiLeaks: The Biggest Leaks in the Video Game World.” Try to not get arrested as you read it.
    G4 TV.

    Here are 11 video games that probably shouldn’t be made into movies. “Custer’s Revenge” strangely absent from the list.

    Rihanna sucks her thumb. I don’t care if she wets the bed. I’d still change her diaper. Wow, that sounded a lot sexier in my head…
    The Urban Daily.

    The owner of the LA Clippers heckled Baron Davis from courtside. Remind me who the LA Clippers are?
    The Hoop Doctors.

    Here’s an infographic on “Star Trek.” I don’t even have  a joke for that.
    Fork Party.

    Twelve-year-olds in Rhode Island are being jailed for being “very disrespectful.”  It’s not news…

    This is a pretty good collection of character lookalikes from “The Simpsons.”
    Ego TV Online.

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