3-Year Old Timberwolves Fan Loves Nikola Pekovic, Named His Hamster Wicky Wubio

Pro Wrestling Editor

In direct emotional contrast to Lamar Odom watching Khloe Kardashian’s monster body collapse in a sex swing, here is an absolutely adorable video by way of The Basketball Jones of 3-year old Minnesota Timberwolves fan Chase explaining that his favorite player is Nikola Pekovic, he named his hamster Ricky Rubio and, in a total Chauncey Gardiner moment, says his favorite thing to do is watch.

I don’t blame him for loving Nikola Pekovic (his Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? Rockapella parody made him my favorite Timberwolf, too) or for the preciously affected way he named his pet. In retrospect I wish I’d named my hamster “Tim Hardaway” when I was younger instead of going for a dumb pun*.

And hey, with his aptitude at pronouncing “Nikola Pekovic” and signature sign-off, he’s ready for on-air duties about 35-years ahead of schedule. He’s probably already better at math than Martel Webster:

[h/t Buzzfeed]

*I named him “MC Hamster”.

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