The Last Meatbender

07.12.10 8 years ago

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  • This is recycling I can get behind: new uses for conventional crap.


  • The poker media come under fire from one of the game’s disgruntled stars. Poker is pulling out all the stops to achieve “sport” status.


  • The seven guys that ruin pick-up sports.


  • Twitter golf is now all the rage. I’d rather be Twitter fishing.


  • Roll out the welcome mat for our new robot drummer overlords.

    Gamma Squad.

  • Ten teams that couldn’t win championships with “proven” superstars.

    Bleacher Report.

  • At lot of women don’t mind hitting from both sides of the plate. Also, they’ll pretty much bang whoever.


  • Looking for terrible pick-up lines? We got you covered.


  • Leather t-shirts? Actually, I do mind if I do. Fresh…respected.

    THE Smoking Section.

  • They’re filming Transformers 3 in Chicago.
  • In the film, Optimus Prime tries to stop the Decepticons from dismantling the Blackhawks.


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