40-Girl Softball Brawl Highlights Include A Bit Stomach

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05.30.13 9 Comments

This is supposed to be a picture of a 40-person girls softball brawl. Sorry, I know it kinda looks like an impressionist painting.

An Alabama girls’ softball game between “Texas Street” and “Hillsdale” turned into an EVERYBODY HURT EVERYBODY ELSE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE affair when a call at third base made … somebody unhappy, and shit got real. What you’re about to watch (after the jump) is a field full of 14 and 15 year old girls going at it. What you DON’T see, somewhat sadly, is the lyrically named parent Xylinda Pendleton biting another parent on the stomach and getting arrested for assault. I had a problem with a neighbor kid biting me on the stomach once. When I was four.

The wacky news report is below.

One arrested during ballpark brawl

This is my favorite quote from the story:

“There’s a place for that kinda stuff, and it ain’t out there on the field. It got out of hand regrettably. There’s nothing I could do about it,” said Texas Street coach Wayne Bowen.

There’s a place for this kind of stuff? Really? There’s a place where 20 14-year old girls should be able to do battle with 20 15-year old girls? Where, the f**king Warriors? I don’t remember anybody biting anybody else in the stomach in The Warriors, even.

Both sides are calling it “a lesson,” which I hope is code for “this is why we can’t have nice things.”

[h/t to Prep Rally]

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