'42' Has A New Trailer, Now With Racist Wash

Back in September, we shared the first trailer from Brian Helgeland’s 42, the Jackie Robinson biopic that looks … well, pretty much like every other Hollywood biopic made in the last 10 years, but it looks good, especially if you give a shit about its content. Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey! Christopher Meloni from ‘Law & Order’ as Leo Durocher! Jackie Robinson with a low, grizzled voice, instead of sounding like every black comedian’s white guy voice like he did in real life!

Today, we get a second, extended trailer, and while it features a lot of the same footage as the first — the stuff set to Jay-Z’s ‘Brooklyn (We Go Hard)’ is essentially unchanged — it’s got a lot of new stuff, too, including ‘Firefly’ star Alan Tudyk as racist-ass Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Ben Chapman. Zoe would be so disappointed in you, assuming that 1940s baseball and 2500s soft sci-fi are the same.

Pretty excited to see this, I’ve gotta say. In a perfect world, this will remind Harrison Ford that he can act, and he’ll stop miring in Indiana Jones re-boot attempts and letting Calista Flockhart choose his projects.