A 5-Year Old Meningitis Survivor Got State-of-the-art Running Blades (And They’re Power Rangers-Themed)

There’ve been no shortage of sports-related inspirational stories about kids lately — last week alone we had the story of the Georgia high schooler who wrestled a kid with Down Syndrome and the story of a 10-year old Oklahoma boy who went to the local news to help his disabled brother run a 5K, not to mention the emotional follow-up where they competed and finished — so it only makes sense that we’d start off the new week with another story of kids and sports to more or less throw sawdust in your eyes. Sawdust you are allergic to.

The boy in the picture is Marshall Janson, a 5-year old who suffered from meningitis as a baby and lost both of his arms and legs. He couldn’t move around like the other kids and was self-conscious about being smaller than them … but thanks to a new pair of state-of-the-art running blades in the style of Oscar Pistorius, Mason solves both of his problems and gets to lead a happy life. Uh, in the style of not Oscar Pistorius.

The best part? They’re POWER RANGERS-themed. Check ’em out:

That’s pretty awesome. And what’s great about them is that they automatically make him better at sports than the actual Power Rangers.

Here are the blades in action. Warning: If you didn’t get emotional reading a paragraph about a kid with no arms and legs getting Power Rangers running legs, perhaps you will watching him run into a hug.

If you’re wondering when he’s gonna get Power Ranger arms (like I was), Metro has the scoop:

Marshall will receive a second set of blades specially designed to use when sitting down in the coming weeks and prosthetic arms when he’s older.

When he’s a teenager with attitude. Perfect.