50 Cent Denied On ‘Good Morning America’ That His Bad Pitch Was A Stunt

Right after 50 Cent threw that hilariously bad first pitch before a Mets game earlier this week, Twitter favorite @Jose3030 suggested that it was a publicity stunt. While all the rest of us were rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL, according to the hip kids), one man was brave enough to point out that there was a strong possibility that we’d all just been fooled by a master self-promoter who just so happens to have a new album and TV series coming out. And now Page Six has come along with the words of an “insider” that this terrible throw, the worst of all-time if you believe the Washington Post’s snazzy graphic, was indeed a shrewd PR move.

“He did it so he would get all the press,” said one insider. “He’s got a new album coming out, a new TV show on Starz and he wants to launch a tour.” (Via Page Six)

It’s hardly impossible that Mr. Cent would throw the ball so terribly that people would laugh at him for days, which is like a decade in Internet time. But just watching that pitch again, he would go from being the worst first pitch of all-time to the greatest fake worst first pitch of all-time. Page Six also reported that 50 Cent’s people said that this wasn’t a PR move, and it was simply the pitch that got away.

If it is a PR stunt, then this is the best acting performance that Curtis Jackson has ever pulled off, because here he is on Good Morning America this morning telling us all that it just slipped… before he plugged his next performance at Citi Field. Honestly, this is a confusing one, you guys.