59-Year-Old Tries Out For Pro Football Team

Fun story from Andrew Bucholtz and the world’s greatest CFL site: Charles Chulada showed up for a CFL tryout in Florida wearing blue jeans and a 16-year-old tee shirt. Whoa whoa whoa; the CFL is having tryouts in Florida?

“I knew I could do it,” Chulada said after running a couple of 40-yard dashes. “I want to put on a helmet and run through a brick wall to show them I can do it.” Fortunately, there were no helmets around to tempt Chulada, who from 1969 through 1973 played college football and wrestled for Syracuse University.

The self-described brick mason and poet rode his bike — and we’re not talking a Harley here — from his home in Ormond-by-the-Sea to Municipal Stadium to participate in the free one-day camp conducted by the Canadian Football League team.

–Sean Kernan/Daytona Beach News-Journal.

It’s funny because most pro football players are dead before they turn 50. I really wish there was some sort of wussed-out form of football for older folks, kinda like softball. Once you turn 30, sports kinda blow unless you can hold a beer in one hand while participating. At least that doesn’t rule out the Bengals.

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