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The Chicago Blackhawks had six players go to Vancouver for the Olympics; now they’re playing like they’re in the Special Olympics. See what I did there? The ‘hawks have now drawn their second suspension from an opposing player within a week; this time it’s James Wisniewski of the Anaheim Ducks, who will be suspended for eight games for a broadside hit on Chicago’s Brent Seabrook.

The irony of the play is that Seabrook delivered almost the exact same hit on Anaheim’s Corey Perry seconds earlier. That hit neither drew a penalty in the game, nor any sort of action from the NHL office. While Wisniewski’s effort was certainly more badass than Seabrook’s (and probably a charge, since Seabrook didn’t have the puck), that’s not an 8-game hit. Chicago’s listing Seabrook as day-to-day, which could probably be said about half the guys in the league at this time of year. Video and more after the jump.

There are only so many ways I can say, “When the league decides to take enforcement of its rules away from the players, the players become less accountable and start acting like soccer players.” And that, in my opinion, is what has happened. Seabrook took a piece out of somebody, didn’t get called and then sold the retaliation to get a call. I’m impressed with this new Let’s Get Every Other Player In The League As We Head To The Playoffs strategy; it looks like that they could actually pull it off.

Thanks to Hockey Webcast, again, for the vid.

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