Let’s Celebrate Some Of The Most Interesting Jumbo-Sized Baseball Players

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06.02.15 22 Comments

jumbo players 2

There is a neat and terrible tool over at Deadspin that allows you to enter in your birthdate and find out how many pro athletes in the four major sports are older than you. I’m 32, I did not enjoy this exercise. This isn’t about aging out of your/my Jim Morris fantasy or pulling off a modified-reverse Little Big League, though, this is about another sadly impossible dream of yours/mine: the fat man’s dream of playing pro sports.

Let’s face it: There are a ton of 40-year-old baseball players. A ton = nine if you count the DL’ed and likely kaput Joe Nathan and the soon-to-be 40 Alex Rodriguez and Torii Hunter, but that’s still a lot compared to the amount of 300-pound (or very near) players. And if you widen your view and glance through baseball history, the numbers are even more skewed toward it being more likely that a grey beard will make middle-aged men swoon with the possibility of eternal youth, than a Bob Hamelin-type will make you glance at a chili dog and a batting cage with confidence.

So, it’s with that and the fantastic uptick in public awareness of folk hero/collegiate pitcher Ben Ancheff (pictured, above right), that we wanted to highlight some of the most interesting husky heroes that have thrown their weight around the big leagues and inspired us all.

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