10.26.06 11 years ago 4 Comments

Wait, did I say eighty-five? I meant ocho cinco. Chad Johnson is celebrating the NFL's Hispanic Heritage Month by referring to his number in Spanish. And, okay, "eight five" isn't exactly the same as "eighty-five," but who talks Mexican anyway?

This is part of a larger return to form for Chad, as he gears up for this Sunday's game against Atlanta and his verbal sparring partner DeAngelo Hall. From the man himself:

"Hey, I'm a man who takes risk. Coach (Marvin) Lewis has told me to tone it down. He's told me to be quiet. I've been quiet all year. I haven't said much. I'm back. I'm going to let it rip. I'm celebrating. I'm going to score. I'm going to score more than once. I'm tired of being quiet. I ain't had no motivation. I ain't had no energy. I ain't had no drive. Nothing to look forward to on Sunday. I don't care if they put five people on me. I'm going to get it done this week."

Fucking. Awesome. Johnson also proclaimed that Hall would have to resort to flipping burgers at Fat Burger after the game. Which might be true, especially if Hall gets assigned the Bengals' best receiver, T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Still: welcome back, Chad. I've missed you.

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