9-Year Old Girl Can Beat You Up

Normally posting videos of 9-year old girls isn’t something that we’re too into, not with “laws” and stuff, but every so often a child athlete pops into the picture and deserves some recognition. Nine-year old Naomi Kutin is becoming an Internet sensation since a video surfaced or her squatting 187-pounds recently. At only 88 lbs., Naomi’s physical strength is impressive, or at least it seems like it is, because the most squatting I did at 9 years was for picking up Nintendo cartridges to blow on them.

Naomi showed off her pint-sized power in a series of weightlifting challenges in Burlington, Vermont – state motto “Raw Liberty, Raw Power” – as she also put up 66-lbs. in the bench press and 193-lbs in the dead lift. All in all, these videos have really inspired me. Not to start working out more, mind you, but to find more videos of monkeys drinking their own pee on YouTube.

The Bench Press

The Dead Lift