So ’90s It Hurts: 12 ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ Videos That Define A Decade

03.06.15 3 years ago 30 Comments


For six seasons, MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch brought together some of pop culture’s biggest stars to duke it out in claymation form. Now that the show’s first run is more than 15 years old, watching certain episodes is like opening a portal back in time to the 1990s. A warning, though: The ’90s can be a scary place, full of Rachel haircuts and terrible sitcoms. Do you dare journey back with us to the era when boy bands ruled the earth?

James Van Der Beek vs. Saddam Hussein

This video highlights two things: how long we’ve been dicking around in Iraq and how long it’s been since James Van Der Beek did anything cool. If you told ’90s me that in 2015, Saddam would be dead and Dawson Leery would be the coolest Power Ranger ever, I’d have said that the future looked bright indeed.

Marilyn Manson vs. Ricky Martin

Remember back in the ’90s how newspapers were a thing, and in these newspapers were endless articles about how Marilyn Manson was single-handedly destroying America? How quaint we were back then. That’s the president’s job now. And even though Ricky Martin didn’t come out of the closet until 2010, there’s still enough innuendo in this video to make me think we all knew. Gaydar was another ’90s thing, after all.

The Spice Girls vs. Hanson

In the ’90s, your ability to escape the crap on the radio was limited by your ability to afford $17.99 CDs from HMV and batteries for your Discman. Unless you lived in a shack like the Unabomber, you were gonna hear the garbage bands of the time whether you liked it or not. Which is why everyone from that era knows more lyrics to “Wannabe” than they’d like to admit.

Robert Downey, Jr. vs. Christian Slater

It’s fun to turn the clock back and look at how people treated Robert Downey, Jr. in the ’90s, as a drug-addicted cautionary tale who ruined his career. Who’s laughing now, ’90s? Tony Stark, that’s who.

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