A Bear Interrupted A Baseball Game In Alaska And A Great Time Was Had By All

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06.17.14 6 Comments

During Sunday’s American Legion league game between Juneau and West in Alaska, the players got to take a little break from the 10-1 affair to watch as a large bear walked along the fence in the outfield. While I’m sure that if this happened at a baseball game somewhere in the middle of the continental United States – perhaps scenic Sedalia, Missouri or North Platte, Nebraska – people might have reacted differently, by screaming in sheer terror and trampling each other, or if it happened in Florida, by smoking meth and throwing cinder blocks at the violent creature. But not in Alaska.

Instead, these players and fans just waited for the gentle picnic basket thief to pass, as if the bear would get to the right field fence, look at them and wave a paw in appreciation for their patience. If anything, this is just something to think about the next time all of you stereotype one of nature’s greatest killing machines.

(H/T to CBS Sports)

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