A Brief But Important Ranking Of The Best Fans From Today’s World Cup Action

Another day, another series of incredibly close and exciting 2014 FIFA World Cup soccer matches, as we watched from the edge of our seats as several teams fought to the bitter ends to keep their hopes of advancing alive. Unfortunately for England, those hopes are almost dashed, as Wayne Rooney and Co. will not only need to defeat Costa Rica by several goals next Tuesday, but they’ll also need some help from beyond. Meanwhile, Uruguay’s hopes are renewed and stronger than ever thanks to Luis Suárez’s two-goal performance, so it’s your typical case of half-empty/half-full World Cup news for all of the fans involved.

Hey, speaking of fans, I thought there’s really no better way of breaking down today’s action than by letting the fans tell us themselves, as even though their teams may have lost, they still showed up to the stadiums with all the spirit in the world. As such, my team of crack researchers and scientists worked very hard to scour the photos from today’s three World Cup matches to not only pick the best fan spirit and costumes, but also to rank them. The World Cup is a competition, after all, so everything must be about winners and losers.

Honorable Mentions

Aw, this England fan in London is pretty sad that Suárez just ruined her day. At least she’s near home, though, and didn’t travel all the way to Brazil to watch England’s hopes get crushed.

But I bet this Colombia fan is pretty excited about her country’s big win over the Ivory Coast. Wait, I’m sorry, that’s Côte d’Ivoire. Either way, what’s up, Colombia fan? Maybe lose the hat and crack the Top 10 next time.

10) These Japanese Fans

These guys look serious. I wouldn’t want to tell them to their faces that the first half of their match with Greece put me to sleep.

9) This Older Colombian Lady

She’s here to party, and there’s no stopping her. After her team’s win, I like to think she hit a local bar, where she challenged a group of men one-third her age to a drinking contest, and when she walked out of the bar on her own, they were all passed out in puddles of vomit on the floor. Also, she might be Dr. Ruth.

8) This Greek Bro

Normally, I rail against the tired Spartan costume, but this guy is actually from Greece, so it’s cool.

7) These Blokes From England

If I hailed from England, this is the kind of costume I’d wear to support my team in the World Cup. I also dig the lion costumes in the banner pic, but they look like they’d have me sweating my ass off, which totally eliminates the point of binge drinking before a sporting event, because I’m just going to sweat it out and end up with a day hangover. Those are the worst kind of hangovers. Fortunately, I’m from America, so I’m going to continue wearing a tank top and jean shorts while I watch the USA win the whole thing.

6) These Japanese Fans

I don’t know what is even happening here. Are they bowling pins? All I know is those costumes look detailed and I respect that.

5) This Serious Uruguay Fan

This guy looks like he could (and gladly would) tell you everything there is to know about everyone on Uruguay’s roster, and even the guys who were left off. Also, I respect that airbrushed t-shirt game. Very strong.

4) This Very Serious Colombia Fan

This guy parties. A LOT. I like to think that he went to the same bar as the older Colombian lady and they started a fight with some locals and beat the crap out of all of them, before they high-fived like the end of Tango and Cash.

3) This Poor England Fan

Aw, poor dude with his Shrek doll that resembles Wayne Rooney. At least he got to see Rooney score his first ever World Cup goal. It’s not over, fella. Keep your hopes high.

2) This Adorable Japanese Girl

That’s a pretty freaking cute little kid right there.

1) This Dude Who Really Loves Didier Drogba

This might be the sweetest fan sentiment that I’ve ever seen. Warms my heart to see how much this guy loves Drogba.