11.15.06 11 years ago 2 Comments

Peja Stojakovic scored the Hornets' first 20 points en route to 42 as New Orleans beat Charlotte 94-85. In related news, Adam Morrison couldn't cover a hooker with dirt if you dug the grave for him.

Darius Miles went in for arthroscopic surgery on his knee and went out with microfracture surgery. He's done for the season. As if that matters.

The Heat are under .500, having lost their last two games without Shaq. This is surprising to precisely no one who recognized that the only Miami players who don't creak on the floor are Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem. Wade had 37-8-11 in a 112-105 loss to Denver.

Goddam Jazz. They're 7-1 after working over the Clippers 112-90. Utah now leads the league in winning percentage, visually appealing rock formations, and Mormon fans.

LeBron James has a new ginormous billboard in New York City, as well as part of a Nike store that's become a LeBron museum. I guess I could go look at it or take pictures, but that might take up to 30 minutes on the subway. And require me to care about a billboard. 

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