A Cleveland Fan Tried To Beg LeBron James To Come Back Last Night

Goodness, Cleveland. Have you no pride? The Cleveland Cavaliers were up as many as 27 points against the unstoppable Miami Heat in the Quicken Loans Arena last night, before they eventually rolled over and died. The Heat won their 24th consecutive game – nine games shy of the NBA record set by the 1971-72 World Champion Los Angeles Lakers – as they ripped off a 45-14 run to overcome the deficit for a 98-95 victory and allow LeBron James to once again make the Cavs look foolish.

And it could have ended there, with the Cavs and their miserable fans once again burning James’ jerseys in the streets, but one fan dared to do what no one before him ever imagined – he begged James to come back to Cleveland. Wearing a homemade shirt that read, “2014 Come Home”, a fan sprinted on to the court during last night’s game, asking the once-King of Akron to consider opting out of his contract next season, coming back and fulfilling a promise of winning a title in the saddest sports town in America.

Good luck with that.

Amazingly, James was cool about it and shook the guy’s hand.

Now, for all we know, the guy was pummeled in a secret room beneath the arena by James’ posse, but it certainly takes balls to run on to an NBA court. At least if you’re not demanding to know where Kenyon Martin is. Then again, running on the court is still more mature than penning a letter in comic sans.

Meanwhile, as James led the Heat’s ridiculous comeback last night, the eventual season MVP got a little showboaty for his old friends, unleashing that new dance of his after a big 3-pointer. You know, this one like he did against the Celtics:

He may be the best basketball player in the universe, but a dancer James is not.