08.19.08 10 years ago 15 Comments

There's an East Coast bias in coverage of jackass baseball fans.  Red Sox and Yankees fans get all the attention for being loudmouthed narrow-minded louts, but there's a particularly virulent breed of fucktardation on Chicago's North Side that deserves more attention.  Wrigley Field is the hub of Midwestern douchebaggery, pulling in the biggest douches in a five-state radius.  The combination of lively bleachers, an active singles bar scene next to the stadium, and a high percentage of Northwestern graduates who work as consultants make Wrigleyville a veritable douchetopia.  Or Xanadouche, if you prefer.

That said, this "catch the baseball with your beer cup then chug it" is a pretty cool routine.  It very nearly ruined my rant against douchey Cubs fans.

[Lion in Oil via The Sporting Blog

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