A Denver Broncos Fan Just Wasted $10,000

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09.30.11 5 Comments

After the Denver Broncos lost to the Oakland Raiders in Week 1, a fan hit the message boards and vowed to take advantage of 1980s family road trip advertising strategies by erecting two billboards in downtown Denver, showcasing his demand for new coach John Fox to make Tim Tebow the starting quarterback. Some other Broncos fans – presumably interstate truck drivers – offered to chip in some cash for the $10,000 that they would need for this ridiculous idea.

Well, two weeks later and a 1-2 record, Tebow still isn’t starting and Fox doesn’t give a pony’s pecker what a couple fans think. And the fans who said they were going to raise those billboards never did. Another fan, though, stole their unoriginal idea and the billboards are now alive and everything you could have ever imagined.

The sign is the brainchild of Mohammad Suleiman, who works in a merchandise store in north Denver. He says he was fed up with Orton’s ineffectiveness near the goal line and decided to use his store’s electronic billboard to push for a switch to Tebow.

“It’s still early in the season to be frustrated, but I mean fans are asking for Tebow. Why not give us a little dose of him?” Suleiman says. “If we can be heard, if we can reach the Broncos staff and make some change, that would be great.”

(Via KDVR Fox 31, with a hat tip to South Stands Denver)

Sorry, sir, but your brainchild will be riding the short bus.

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