A Dukie Made A Decent Joke

04.08.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

I can guarantee you the number of titles Duke basketball has won over the years is way higher than number of funny pranks the players have pulled off, but when credit is due we give it.

Jon Scheyer, guard for the recently crowned National Champions of Duke, did something rather unorthodox when his team hit the locker room to continue the celebration. He took to Twitter, giving out his phone number for all the world to see.

About 20 minutes later, Scheyer realized what he did was extremely idiotic, and sent another tweet, begging people to only respond to him on Twitter.

Seemed like a giddy college kid making a simple mistake and retracting it, right? Ah ha, you forgot we were dealing with a Duke mastermind here. Turns out the number was that of Zach Kelly, a high school teammate of Scheyer, and member of the D-3 National Champion Washington University in St. Louis.

With all the love Duke gets from home and all the hate it gets from basically anywhere else in the world, I bet Kelly didn’t get a ton of sleep that night.

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